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Sharjah Octagon

An octagonal chandelier compiled in a workshop with students from American University of Shariah.

The concept for the Sharjah Octagon was developed by Felix Hardmood Beck with the aim to realize a semi-permanent installation during a workshop held by Felix Hardmood Beck, Assistent Prof. Zlatan Filipovic and Assistant Professor Paul Bantey at the College of Architecture, Art and Design (American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates). During the five-day long workshop the students had to work as groups and/or as individuals on several tasks: concept, graphic-design, laser-cutting, electronics and programming (Arduino), installation on site. Eight modules, each consisting out of eight acrylic glass panels, connecting elements (3d printed angles) and the hanging system were given. The students developed and realized the following concept: The overall theme of the octagonal chandelier was inspired by eight of the most common plants mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. Each horizontal tier is unique to the plant that was chosen for it. Formal qualities that were shared between the Arabic letterforms and the plant’s physical shape were selected to blend together. These qualities were then overlapped, rotated, and flipped in order to create a pattern that radiates throughout the whole tier. The tiers were assembled beneath each other by alternating between organic and angular plant patterns. From top to bottom: Fig, olive, jasmine, pomegranate, grape, basil flower, henna and date.

See also this online documentation: https://ntsi.info/sharjah_octagon/

Producer: Associate Professor Kevin Badni, HoD College of Architecture, Art and Design
Workshop participating students: 

  • 1. Junior VIS: Al Khamis, Hadeel A. Al-Assal, Noor Z. Al Sheikh, Mariam F. Alwani, Mariam M. Bin Suqat, Abdulla A. Chaarawi, Haneen El merhi, Rand M. Kasawat, Zina M. Khaleel, Zainab Masoud, Sally Yafi, Raiaan I., 
  • 2. Senior MUM: Al-Sadr, Alhamzah M. Al Heraki, Sanaa N. Al-Yahya, Sarra A. Aranki, Emad A. Elshaarani, Alaa B. Ghonaim, Mohammad A. Ibrahim, Wa'ed M. Jdid Mahmoud, Farah G. Kayyali, Farah M. Mahfouz, Suzanne E. Mahmoud, Rahaf A. Mohammed, Ibrahim Q. Ramadan, Yara A., 
  • 3. Senior VIS: Deena Stevens Aya Abu Elkhair Aisha Khalil

Administrative workshop coordination: Sunitha Kallai Jameela Kuse Mohammad
Production assistance: Yara Libzo
Technical support: AUS Facilities
Special thanks: Professor Peter Di Sabatino (dean), Assistant Professor Salem Al-Qassimi, Assistant Professor Zinak Bejtic, ART+COM (possibility of using the studios 3D printer), lasernlasern (supplier of the acrylic glas), Björn Barnekow, Markus Kerschkewitz, Felix Groll

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