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A redesign of the traditional Yerba-mate drinking vessel.

Collaboration with Felix Groll, Illustration of the Mategon-Geek by Laurenz Rau.

The beverage Mate: Mate is an infusion drink originating in South America. Finely chopped mate leaves are processed into tea (span. yerba). Traditionally, the tea (yerba mate) is prepared from steeping dried, chopped leaves in hot water in a hollow calabash gourd. The tea is drunk from a metal straw called a bombilla.

Felix Hardmood Beck and Felix Groll have redesigned  the traditional mate drinking vessel. The result is a New Media Accessory. The object Mategon is a mate-matical utilitarian object that builds on the traditional calabash gourd, yet incorporates a modern design and manufacturing process. This results in an ergonomic form, its origin clearly deriving from the calabash gourd and at the same time, its polygonal structures referring to its computational background, as well as to the Utah Teapot. The object Mategon was presented during the DMY International Design Festival in Berlin (6th to 10th June 2012) for the first time.

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