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The Green Weave

Improving the environmental footprint of traditional arts & crafts processes in rural North-Western India.

The Green Weave project is based on a collaboration with Dharma Life Labs (DLL) – an incubator of research and development, using insights, analytics and technology to help improve the quality of rural life and drive inclusive progress in India. DLL’s programme sets out to help rural women transcend psychological and cultural barriers, provide interactive learning experiences to build new skill sets and offer access to job and entrepreneurship opportunities. This holistic, peer-driven, personalised approach guides rural women to economic empowerment.

The Green Weave project was initiated and is currently led by Gaurav Mehta. The project is fully funded by IKEA Foundations

Prof. Felix Beck supports the project team with his research on production processes of traditional artistic handicrafts that can be found in the North-Western region of India:

  • Banarasi (traditional weaving technique)
  • Madhubani (traditional painting style)
  • Chikankari (traditional embroidery style)
  • Block printing

He currently explores the environmental impact of these processes and practices to help the artisans and rural entrepreneurs lead their businesses with zero environmental impact. Based on the outcomes of the analysis various processes and training materials are set on ground.

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