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Eyelight Dot Me

An experimental object that simulates the end node of a global surveillance system in your home.

The Eyelight is a lamp living in symbiosis with mankind. Powering it up gives you light but also awakes an appetent living thing, a reactive light bulb with its own mind: In its bright light cone an animated searching eye appears, which scans for and tracks nearby persons and observes them.

This lamp to be installed inside your home or at public spaces functions as an end node of a global surveillance system: Adding a precision control system to an array of high brightness LEDs renders a restless eye that is attracted to any nearby movement to gaze onto and analyze it. This subtle superposition of additional functionality adds a whole spectrum of new dimensions to an everyday object.

The Eyelight becomes part of your home; it is stationary, it has visual impact, it is there waiting for you observing and to be observed – an experimental hyper-functional object: light spender, information gathering/information presenting device, intelligent interactive object, biological design. This eye appears by fine brightness variations inside the lamp; it is in a transitional stage, intangible, unreal, but certainly there, silently watching the scene it illuminates. The poles of this dichotomic object are lamp and display, illuminating and absorbing, outward and inward.

Collaboration with
Simon Schießl

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