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A proposal of a »Future Living Lab« to explore sustainable residing formats for an aging population.

The project features the design of several mini houses located along an „innovation axis“ linking the Münster Technology Park with the developing Technology Park at the city of Havixbeck in the Münsterland area in North-Rhine Westfalia. A Center for the Future of Living becomes the hub for local companies to feature their innovative and sustainable products and to showcase those installed as part of a „living lab“. 

The project team Jason Cruz (NYUAD), Agata Trojanowska (MSD) and Felix Beck (MSD) presented this first conceptual outline on August 2022 to the city major of Havixbeck.

Figure 1.

Two exemplary housing layouts follow the general principle to minimise individuals ecological footprint (fig. 1). There is a one to two person unit (fig. 2), as well as a family unit (fig. 3). The houses are prefabricated and placed on site with minimal intervention to the land standing on. Pipe and cable management all  runs above ground, being hidden underneath footbridges and path systems. Residents live closely together in this community.

Figure 2.

Figure 3.

Animations by Jason Cruz

The term „Lerchenfenster“ (lark’s bread) is an agricultural term. It describes a protected space for larks in an agricultural region:
A tiny reserve for those birds to land, breed and rest. In a way it can be seen as a place for nature surrounded by a landscape entirely owned by man. The design of the mini houses propose a role reversal: Mini houses as a place for people among nature with full respect for it.

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