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Touchable Trains

Two media installations reveal insights into the high speed technologies of bombardier trains.

Bombardier Transportation commissioned ART+COM with the design and realisation of two media installations for their trade show presentation at the Innotrans 2008. The two media installations reveal insights into the high speed technologies of the railway technology producer: One focuses on the topic “thermodynamics”, the other on “aerodynamics”.

For the installation on the topic “thermodynamics”, a 1.5 metre long train model was placed directly in the centre of one of the interactive tables. There are five climate zones to choose from on a schematic world map. Based on the selection of the climate zone, the varying environments of the train range from the Arctic Zone to the tropics. Various pulsating points of light represent relevant thermodynamic points on the model. If the visitor touches one of these hotspots, a window with detailed information appears on the surface of the table.

The “Aerodynamic” table enables the visitor to test how changes in train construction affect its speed and carbon footprint. By turning knobs, for instance, the front of the train that is projected onto the table can be shortened or elongated. After racing against Bombardier’s Zefiro train, which stands on the table as an aluminium model, an extensive comparative analysis of both trains appears.

The touch-sensitive tables were permanently installed at Bombardier Transportation headquarters on Potsdamer Platz after the Innotrans closed.

Art Direction for ART+COM | client: Bombardier Transportations | © by ART+COM

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