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An artistic installation based on superimposed noise patterns generated through visual encryption algorithms.

The project Mirage proposes an artistic viewpoint into the past, present, and future of the Emirate Abu Dhabi where heritage meets technology, visions cover reality, varying and matching perspectives on the future are mixed with ever-changing narratives. Is it the reality that we observe?

Mirage is generally understood as an optical phenomenon. Through a series of interlinks of geographic locations and atmospheric conditions, images appear to be stacked on top, or beside each other. The principle of a mirage manifests in the so-called Fata Morgana in which desert dwellers witness something that appears real.

Through the use of existing and newly developed visual encryption algorithms, layers of generated noise patterns are superimposed on each other. Encoded into the individual panels are impressions spread across time. Once a noise pattern matches its specific counterpart the encoded image appears. This is reality.

The project was realised by Barkin Simsek and Felix Hardmood Beck and was exhibited at the 'Glimpses 2019 – The Art of Science' exhibition.
Exhibition curator: Lucia Pizzinato, Exhibition Organizers: Ivan Campnogara, Jad Mahmoud Halabi.

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