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Royal Jelling

Concept and realisation of an experience-rich permanent exhibition on Vikings in Denmark.

ART+COM Studios developed the overall design as well as individual media exhibits of this diverse and media-rich exhibition. Design direction by Felix Hardmood Beck with Jussi Ängeslevä.

UNESCO World Heritage listed Jelling, with its rune stones and burial mounds, is one of the most important cultural-historical sites in Denmark. The new Royal Jelling exhibition centre covers more than 1000 square metres. It houses an exhibition that explores Danish history and mythology and, crucially, the mysteries of the Viking kings Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth. The centre presents new findings, which draw a complex picture of the Vikings, their culture and cults during their progressive shift from pagan religion to Christianity.

Archaeological artefacts and Viking legends are presented in a diverse and media-rich exhibition. Visitors can travel back to the earliest days of Jelling and immerse themselves in lives of the Vikings through ten different exhibition areas and forty media exhibits. Royal Jelling is not a traditional archaeological museum, but one that makes archaeology accessible as a continuous and active process. Visitors can travel back to the earliest days of Jelling and immerse themselves in lives of the Vikings through ten different exhibition areas and forty media exhibits. Visitors have a different experience in each room. Some elements are continually changing so that visitors can experience new atmospheres and stories with every visit.

Client: Vejle Kommune, project manager: Morten Teilmann-Jørgensen, unit-leader Kongernes Jelling: Hans Ole Matthiesen, 

Design direction: Felix Hardmood Beck with Jussi Ängeslevä,
Project management: Mascha Thomas, Gert Monath, Peter Böhm,
Illustration: Sebastian Bausdorf,
Design team: Tim Horntrich, Arne Michel, Christoph Steinlehner, Simon Häcker, Dimitar Ruszev, Eva Offenberg, Felix Groll, Patrick Garus, Sarah Klemisch, Elisa Hasselberg, Duc Nhan Truong, Maximilian Sedlak, Adrian Bernstein, Alyssa Trawkina, Jip Eilbracht, Alexander Pospischil, Christine Eyberg, Lukas Dürrbeck, Julius Winckler,
Software Development: Valentin Schunack, Gunnar Marten, Claudia Winterstein, Andreas Marr,
Computational design: Christian Riekoff, Max Göttner,
3D visualisation: Simon Häcker,
Content editor: Anna Elena Hauff,
Media planning: Medienprojekt P2, Marcus Heyden, Stephanie Sturm,
System administration: Rasca Gmelch,
Exhibition: Bertron Schwarz Frey (Prof Ulrich Schwarz, Johanna Ziemann),
Realisation and construction M.o.l.i.t.o.r. (construction management: Jochen Voos),
Media production in collaboration with: Redia, M-Box, Markus Lerner, Jonas und der Wolf (Janek Jonas, Daniel Urria Redia), Peter Weinsheimer (Audio), Weißpunktundpurpur (Antonia Spieß),
Special structures: MKT, Dieter Sachse, Scale modelling Monath & Menzel,

Image courtesy © by ART+COM Studios

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