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A particle system using openFrameworks to simulate visual effects of sand particles.

Gravel is the simulation of sand a particle system using openFrameworks. The project team developed software sketches in several iterations and tested those as back projection onto the shading of Felix’s office.

Not to forget to feature following two amazing team members:

Zheng (Jack) Zhang studied Computer Science & Interactive Media Arts at NYU Shanghai. His academic passion lies in the intersection between the two majors: exploring the possibility of Art with Code, and building applications with the sense of aesthetics. His works include computer graphics, information visualization, data analysis, front/back-end software development and interactive installations.

Fangqing (Quinn) He studied Interactive Media Arts and Computer Science at NYU Shanghai. To explore possibilities of daily life and evoke people’s day-dreamish romance, her works focus on creating an illusion between unreality and reality with interactive installations. Her creation directions include human-computer interaction, creative coding, programming art, and virtual reality.

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