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Museum of Infrastructure Development

Concept for a permanent exhibition developed for UAE’s Ministry of Infrastructure Development.

Over the period of 18 month the NTSI-Lab developed together with the Ministry of Infrastructure Development the concept for the Museum of Infrastructure Development. The general idea was the museum to highlight the prominent role played by the founders of the UAE and the role of the Ministry in supporting the country’s infrastructure, being the executive arm of the federal government. Inlight of the UAE obtaining the fourth place in global quality of infrastructure, the museum is one of the most important initiatives launched by H.E. Dr. Abdulla Belhaif al Nueimi on 18th April 2018. 

Mission: To conceptualise a museum that focuses on documenting and enriching infrastructural knowledge wince is preliminary development in 1971 by late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may Allah have mercy on him. 

Vision: To create a transparent museum that explicitly displays the works and processes of the Ministry of Infrastructural Development. We engage the passion of visitors, providing both an enjoyable and informative experience. This will come to be a museum that:

  • Reviews the role and history of the ministry over the past four decades,
  • Is integral in establishing comprehensive development, creating solutions to anticipated challenges, and adapting to a rapid change for infrastructural needs,
  • Established a foundation for the infrastructural achievements of the government since the foundation of the Union,
  • Supports and active participation for a diverse audience, ultimately promoting and active planning that embraces change.

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