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BeBerlin Interactive Map

Berlin-shaped, four-square-metre interactive media-table that displays information on history, interesting places and cultural sites.

Home of the Berlin Senate and city landmark: The famous Red Town Hall welcomes a multitude of guests each day. Within the scope of the image campaign “be Berlin”, the Berlin Senate Chancellery commissioned ART+COM to create a central installation for the town hall lobby. The core statement of the campaign – Berlin as a unique, exciting and innovative metropolis – should also be communicated at government headquarters.

ART+COM developed an extensive interactive media table, on which visitors can playfully click through the city. The Berlin-shaped, four-square-metre table surface shows a satellite map of the city that displays information on history, interesting places and Berlin cultural sites. In addition to the sights, one can also find life stories about the ambassadors of the campaign.

By touching the corresponding marked areas, it is possible to read the “be Berlin” stories, retrieve facts and discover exciting locations –for example Charlottenburg Palace, the Olympic Stadium or Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport.

The installation is self-explanatory and multilingual. The touch-sensitive surface enables several users simultaneous exploration of the content. The design carries the central visual element, the stylised, red speech bubble serves as the frame for the individual Berlin stories throughout. The surface of the exhibit is modelled after the speech bubble, and the shape has been integrated respectively in the ceiling construction.

Art Direction for ART+COM | client: Berlin Senate, Berlin City Hall | © by ART+COM

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