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A kinetic object to emulate a bioautomaton.

Zoanthroid is a bioautomaton: a machine modeled upon the appearance and dynamics of Hexacorallia Zoantharia, a variety of marine anenome.
A main characteristic of the  anatomy of
Hexacorallia Zoantharia is a ring of bifurcated cilia which both senses and provides motile function. In the Zoanthroid, these functions of the cilia are elaborated analogically, deploying ninety tuning forks, which resemble the bifurcated structure of the Zoantharian cilia. The tuning forks are actuated mechanically in rhythmic undulating movements. They are also actuated acoustically by transducers in the body of the Zonathroid, which causes them to ring sympathetically. The sensing capability of the cilia is implemented technologically by deploying the cilia as theremin-like conductive antennae. This permits range-finding of human bodies within a short distance from the device. In exhibition, Zoanthroid is accompanied with a set of elegant technical drawings (see below) which emulate both engineering mechanical drawings, and biological anatomical studies.

A series of art prints feature the Zoanthroid’s anatomy and explanations for its behaviour.

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