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Reactive Photowall – Etihad Museum

A 40ft wide interactive media wall shows the history of the UAE in pictures at Etihad Museum in Dubai.

As part of the exhibition "Photographs in Dialogue" this 40ft wide media wall shows the history of UAE in pictures. Visitors walk by a timeline laying out the country's history from the 1950s to 1970s, revealing glimpses of the UAE's foundation through their physical proximity to the wall.

EXHIBITION DESIGN: Ghaith Mohammad Meftah and team (Dubai Culture)

CLIENT: Dubai Culture / Etihad Museum Dubai

CONCEPT & CURATION: Ghaith Mohammad Meftah (Dubai Culture), Prof. Michele Bambling (NYU Abu Dhabi)


REACTIVE PHOTO WALL: NEOANALOG, Prof. Felix Hardmood Beck (NYU Abu Dhabi), Ilja Burzev (Software), antiboring units (mechatronics)

PHOTOS: Felix Beck, Ilja Burzev

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