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Introducing the F-Light: Blending Sci-Fi and Illumination.

The F-Light is a case-study of an OLED lamp. It seamlessly merges elements of science fiction aesthetics with practical lighting, creating a unique and customizable solution for future living spaces. Designed with subtle inspiration from Star Wars spacecrafts, its sleek and streamlined form captures the essence of exploration and adventure.

One of its features is its interchangeable wings, made of acrylic glass in various colours – may it be black, white or fluorescent. These wings can be easily clipped on and off the lamp's body thanks to a magnetic attachment system, allowing you to tailor the lamp's appearance to match your mood or the ambiance of your room. This interactive design feature adds a layer of personalization to your lighting experience.

Beneath the captivating wings, the F-Light houses a unique light source, repurposing an old OLED panel with precision to match the exact 2mm thickness of the lamp's folded steel body. This meticulous engineering not only ensures the lamp's structural integrity but also creates a minimalist and elegant profile. The folded steel body of the F-Light complements the futuristic design.

The F-Light isn't just a lamp; it's a conversation starter, a work of art, and a direct homage to the captivating world of science fiction. With this lamp, you have the opportunity to infuse a touch of otherworldly charm into your living space, as if you're on the cusp of an epic adventure in a galaxy brimming with intrigue and limitless possibilities.

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