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2022/06 – 2023/10

Design meets Nursing – Nursing meets Design.

A two year long funded research project to study inter-professional collaboration of nursing and design.

Background and Goals: In an era marked by the increasing complexity of professional tasks, the need for interprofessional collaboration (IPC) is more pressing than ever. While the World Health Organization has advocated for IPC since the 1970s, its implementation has largely been limited to direct healthcare settings. The research project Nursing meets Design aimed to bridge this gap by preparing nursing and design students for collaborative work through problem-based, interdisciplinary learning. The project's focal point was the creation of a Social Awareness Campaign to improve the public perception of nursing, along with deriving implications for interdisciplinary learning across various courses and departments.

Research Questions and Methodology: Two key research questions guided our approach:
1. How can the perspectives of nursing and design students be effectively integrated into a Social Awareness Campaign?
2. How does this integration impact interprofessional collaboration outcomes in both students' education and their future careers?

The project employed a participatory, problem-based, and transdisciplinary methodology, involving students, instructors, and community members. Through discussions on the self-image of nursing and external perceptions, a shared understanding was established. This "common ground" became the foundation for the Social Image Campaign, bringing the campaign to life through a collaborative effort that visually represented nursing students by design students.

Impact and Key Takeaways: The developed campaign became the embodiment of interdisciplinary collaboration, a tool with lasting impact. It helps the public understand the complexities of nursing, fosters professional identity and performance, and promotes interdisciplinary collaboration. This project underscores the need to create conducive conditions for interdisciplinary collaboration and to harmonize departmental logic, curricula, and learning infrastructures. It illustrates that interprofessional collaboration is integral to comprehensive education and innovative problem-solving, challenging traditional educational paradigms to prepare students for future complexities.

For more information visit the project website: www.ichbinpflege.info

A collaboration of Prof. Dipl.-Des. Felix Hardmood Beck, Prof. Dipl.-Des. Gisela Grosse, and Prof. Christiane Knecht, Ph.D..

Research assistants and student assistants:
– Hendrik Kespohl, B.A.
– Dipl. rer. soc. Manfred Fiedler
– Nikolas Tarner

Involved students and colleagues from the FH University of Applied Sciences Münster at the department of Design:
Birte Ann, Katharina Kipp M.A., Katharina Henkemeier, Marit Hölting, Prof. Dipl.-Des. Daiela Kirchlechner, Tina Mecking, Bence Ridder, Laura Strauch, My Tran B.A., Daniel Vogt

Involved students and colleagues from the FH University of Applied Sciences at the Department of Health: Theresa Abigmann, Anna Beckers, Nils Boelmann, Natascha Buchbinder, Dipl.-Berufspäd. Katja Daugardt MScN, Rabea Feldkamp, Niklas Frieling, Jana Fröhlich, Simone Giesen, Melanie Große Westermann M.A., Cornelia Jeremias-Pölking M.A., Maike Hölker, Lisa Kampa, Kim Neumann M.A., Marco Noelle M.Sc., Irina Schaepers, Yannik Peixoto Wascher, Mailin Rott, Marion Rowald, Anna Magda Ziolkowski, Jonas Weichert

A selection of publications relating to this research project (not Peer Reviewed):

 –Fiedler, M., Beck, F.H., Grosse, G., & Knecht, C. (2022). Pflege trifft Design. Pflegezeitschrift 75(10), 34–37.

Presentations and poster presentations (Peer Reviewed):

– Fiedler, M., Tarner, N., Kespohl, H., Grosse, G., Beck, F., & Knecht, C. (2023). Working on the public image of nursing. A transdisciplinary approach about the essence of nursing. 29th ICN Congress, Montreal, 01.07.2023.

– Tarner, N., Kespohl, H., Grosse, G., Beck, F., & Knecht, C. (2023). Nursing meets Design - Interdisziplinarität und Awareness. Tagung Chronic Care im Dialog“ – Interdisziplinäre Zugänge in der Versorgung chronisch kranker Menschen. Universität Witten/Herdecke, Fakultät für Gesundheit, Department für Humanmedizin, 22.09.2023. (Vortrag)

– Tarner, N., Kespohl, H., Fiedler, M., Grosse, G., Beck, F., & Knecht, C. (2023). »Ich kann das. Ich bin Pflege.« - Ein interdisziplinäres Kooperationsprojekt zwischen Pflege und Design zur Entwicklung einer Social Awareness Kampagne. 14. DGP Hochschultag, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pflegewissenschaft e.V., Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, 17.11.2023. (Poster, accepted)

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